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Reply To: Admin Interface results in 401



I’m experiencing something similar, stable Debian, all updates.

Here are the relevant sections from my mt-daap.conf and the mt-daap log (at level 9):

# admin_pw (required)
# This is the password to the administrative pages

admin_pw = coachz

2008-07-08 12:53:35 (b54bbbb0): Decoded admin:coachz
2008-07-08 12:53:35 (b54bbbb0): Decoded user=admin, pw=coachz
2008-07-08 12:53:35 (b54bbbb0): Added *WWW-Authenticate=Basic realm=”webserver”*
2008-07-08 12:53:35 (b54bbbb0): Thread 7: Entering ws_returnerror (401: Unauthorized)

Does anyone know what deb package this is related too? Maybe something I should try from “unstable”?