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Hello jveal,

are you sure about this? Have you actually succeeded in having different “customizable directories” that show up under individual names on your Soundbridge?

Currently I am aware that it is possible to put in multiple directories both for “mp3 directory” and for “compilation directory” and also to group the latter under “Various artists”.

But – as far as I can see – there is no option to group things under other names than “Various Artists”

My settings in mt-daapd.conf are:

mp3_dir = /mnt/HD_a2/MP3/Album
compdirs = /mnt/HD_a2/MP3/VA,/mnt/HD_a2/MP3/Soundtracks,/mnt/HD_a2/MP3/Audiobooks
concat_compilations = 1

The compirs do not work in svn-1735 and – I assume – even in previous versions – all unique directories like “VA”, “Soundtracks” and “Audiobooks” would probably show up together (jointly) under “Various Artists” on my Soundbridge screen.

If I am totally wrong with my assumptions, I would be happy to see your recommendation for the right settings in mt-daapd.conf so that I can learn from your input.

Thank you in advance