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Reply To: Connection failed to firefly-instance on Maxtor(please help)



Hello Fizze,

From now on I will use the killall-command. Thank you for pointing this out.

I like to update to svn-1696 but I’m not sure how. In the installation-wiki Ron made for the Maxtor it is not telling how to do this.
Or do I just have to go over the installation again and then the latest update will be installed?

The Wiki shows the following steps:

echo "src nslu2" > /opt/etc/ipkg.conf
> /opt/etc/ipkg.conf
# echo "src firefly" >> /opt/etc/ipkg.conf
# ipkg update
# ipkg install mt-daapd
# ipkg install mss-libhelper
# ipkg install mss-ld-so

As you can see there is no version-indication on the “install mt-daapd”, how can I indicate a specific release?