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Reply To: Connection failed to firefly-instance on Maxtor(please help)



Don’t walk around with “kill” unless you know what you’re doing. And as you stated you didn’t, so I guess you actually caused more problems than solving any that way. 😉

Linux (and other *IX OSes for that matter) isn’t forgiving. If the user root wants something done, the system does it. Period. 😀

Anyway, if you want to get rid of your mt-daapd processes, you should use “killall mt-daapd”, rather than killing the individual PIDs. Wait a few secs, than check with “ps -ef|grep daapd” if there are any zombie processes left.
Kill them with “kill -9 $PID” Where $PID is the process ID, the number that the ps will tell you.

As you are still using svn-1344, I suggest you update. Svn-1696 is fairly decent with sqlite3.