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Reply To: Connection failed to firefly-instance on Maxtor(please help)



Thank you for your replies.

I did a power-down on the Maxtor after the first answer of Evilripper.
But, as mentioned, without using the Roku the second time I started the web-interface I didn’t get access again.

About the processes… I can only tell what I did and what I see.
Is it possible that the firefly installation is corrupt and then processes are not terminated the right way after an unsuccessfull connect?

It looks strange to issue the kill command and then seeing those processes re-appear again without doing a thing in between… but I’m not an Linux expert…

Can you guys give me some more advise on what to do next?
Is a new install the way to go? And if yes, how can I do a new install (i’m also happy with a reference to a guideline telling me how to do this).

Hopefully you can give me a solution, i’m missing my Roku. I have a XBox which can access my music but that gives poor audio quality compared to my Roku. 😥