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Reply To: Connection failed to firefly-instance on Maxtor(please help)



2008-07-01 11:42:19 (00000400): Listening on port 3689

2008-07-01 11:42:19 (00000400): Listen port: Address already in use

2008-07-01 11:42:19 (00000400): Error staring web server: Address already in use

These lines from the config (last few lines) are the ones that could give you an idea.
First off when firefly starts, it (re)scans all the music. After that, it tries to start the webserver on port 3689.
However, when trying to ‘acquire’ port 3689, it sees it is already in use by something else, so it closes.

This usually means mt-daapd is already running. However, you can say you can’t reach it.
Also, from the ps -aux command, it indeed seems mt-daapd is already running.
Kill the current running processes:

kill 265
kill 266
kill 269

Do another ps -aux | grep daap to check if no other mt-daapd processes are running (except the grep ofcourse).
Restart the server.
Then, if it still doesn’t work, post the log file from debuglevel 9.