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The only setting on the Dlink relating to multicast is to allow multicast through the WAN.

So, I can only assume that multicast is enabled within the LAN.

Also, tcpdump shows the packets for port 1900 being sent to, which I understand is a multicast packet. Therefore, *some* multicast is getting from the Wireless part of the LAN to the Wired part of the LAN.

Of course, it might only be the UPnP packets (port 1900) that are being passed and the SB is trying to send other packets that aren’t getting through.

The problem is that I just don’t know what to expect from the SB, so it’s hard to pinpoint where the fault is.

On my OT (can’t post links here) I mention that it works fine with Windows Media Connect (I’ve got good reasons not to use that) and also the library appears on the SB with TwonkyVision (but it won’t play tracks).

Is there a definitive description of the communications process from these devices (SoundBridge, etc.) and Firefly?

All the evidence (in the absence of any real information about how it should work) seems to point to the fact that Firefly doesn’t listen on port 9080 (Twonky does) and/or doesn’t support UPnP (port 1900).