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Reply To: Song rating for Firefly via Roku Soundbridge




not every remote seems to have that purple key – mine doesn’t… So to use this key is not a solution to me. Another possibility would be to use two keys for example ( press Key1 first, than left or right for rating within 1 second …). I do not like this idea either – I want a one key solution.
Double clicking would not work, as double clicking is oly like two clicks and scrolling in lists is like many single clicks…

To have just the rating feature in the script is possible – just remove all unwanted stuff from the script. Or wait some time until a modular version of t4roku is ready (I am in contact with the guy mentioned above and maybe we will rewrite t4roku…)

I think the POPM field in the id3v2 tag is the correct place to store the ratings in the MP3 file.

Merry Christmas to all firefly users.