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Reply To: Song rating for Firefly via Roku Soundbridge



i’m really interested in this rating thing.

Would it be possible to have a small script that processes just that feature?

On the pinnacle remote control there is a purple key for future use – couldn’t u use this key instead of right/left arow?

Could double clicking for rating be another alternative solution?

I unfortunately wasn’t able to find out from which tag-fields the rating actually is taken.
So i would be very happy, if someone could help me there.
I have many songs that are found by a smart playlist with rating>xx in it – but i haven’t found out with which program and with which tag-field i can manipulate them all in the right way. It seems that i can find some with tag-fields like POPM, POPULARIMETER and others the like – but that doesn’t find them all. So the question is:
what program can help me to delete all the different tag-fields that now make the rating find something
what (single) tag-field should be used to fill the rating field?

(I’m especially working with MP3TAG and with FOOBAR2000)