Reply To: Song rating for Firefly via Roku Soundbridge



I havn’t been here for a while. And I must to admit that I did not code any line (except the buggy test of “play similar artists” feature) on the tools4roku since. 😳

So the to main issues are still there:
➡ because of the rating function the left and right key is monitored constantly, so fast scroll in lists is impossible
➡ if Soundbridge is turned off, the CPU usage jumps to 100% after a while. So some idea is needed how to detect this and send t4roku in idle mode (if prefere an “idle mode” instead to quit the script)

Further some users reported issues like:
➡ non-matching output on the display. As I have only a M1001 with a 280x32pixel display, I need someone to help me or to donate an other SB for me (I like this idea 😛 for address please PM me 😀 )
➡ buggy menu functionality; I noticed it sometimes but unfortunately I could not trace it back, always if I try to generate false behaviour with an open telnet conection it works fine.

Somewhere I read that some guy wants to write a similar software in a modular way. I like this idea and would appreciate a cooperation – lets see…