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Mr. Goemon and fizze, you guys have no idea how big a hole in my music life you’re filling with your work here on Song Rating. I bend a knee in acknowledgment of that!

Permit me to beg your assistance with my installation of the latest Tool4Roku package on my DNS 323 NAS box. Somehow, I managed to install ipkg, Perl, sqlite, and the Net-Telnet module successfully (I think..). I’m able to ‘perl’ and get your toolset running (weather!) on my Roku. Supreme satisfaction!

But sqlite is a different story. When I hit the left-right buttons on the remote, my telnet perl session tells me sqlite cannot be found. Using ipkg, I installed the “perl-dbd-sqlite” and “sqlite” packages and everything apparently installed to root.

So it seems I’ve got the program installed but your toolset cannot find and run the sqlite command. This smells like a simple PATHing issue? Honestly I have no idea where things get installed in the Linux environment, and I was pleasantly surprised when perl just ran anywhere after installation. Maybe ipkg configured it automatically?

With enough work, I’m a Linux noob who has a decent sense of what goes on. Please set me straight! ^_^