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Reply To: Song rating for Firefly via Roku Soundbridge



Ok, obviously its not great that the DB stuff is hardcoded in 😉
Im using sqlite3 on svn-1696, so I obviously needed to adjust that settings.

Good news first: It’s also working with sqlite3 on my slug.

Bad news: the menu that shows on triple-press of the home key is very slow. The cursor is buggy, as it doesn’t get redrawn when you move the selection. So you actually cannot tell what you have selected once you move it once. I’m using a soundbridgeM1001 with a 16-row display, FYI.

And the rating of a song itself takes about 2-3 seconds, once.
My database has about 9000 songs, and sqlite3 is said to be faster than sqlite2. *shrug*

The final test is to see how the slug responds when I turn off (totally) my soundbridge. 😉

Ok, when I turn the SoundBridge completely off (cut the power), the perl process is left hogging the poor slug’s CPU. 🙁
Would it be possible to include some kind of telnet, TCP timeout, hm? 🙂