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@sliq wrote:

Log of a song being played. Itunes first shows the song to be 10:45 minutes long, and once playing it, it changes the length to 4:53 minutes. ourTunes plays the song with no problems.

Are you using VBR MP3’s by any chance?
If yes then you should set scanning level to painfully aggressive to ensure that the times are correct.
@The Wiki wrote:

Determining song duration for mp3 files is difficult. When the server can’t authoritatively determine the length of a song, it can use brute force heuristics to try and figure out the song length. This setting decides how hard it should try and determine correct song length

* 0 (Normal) – Just scan the first mp3 frame to try and calculate size. This will be accurate for most files, but VBR files without an Xing tag or a TLEN tag will probably have wildly inaccurate file times. This is the default.
* 1 (Aggressive) – This checks the bitrates of 10 frames in the middle of the song. This will still be inaccurate for VBR files without an Xing tag, but they probably won’t be quite as inaccurate as 0. This takes more time, obviously, although the time hit will only happen the first time you scan a particular file.
* 2 (Painfully Aggressive) – This walks through the entire song, counting the number of frames. This should result in accurate song times, but will take the most time. Again, this will only have to be incurred the first time the file is indexed.

Don’t know about the chopped off audio.
If you were transcoding flac or ogg then i’d suggest that maybe wavstreamer is playing up but you’re using MP3’s