Reply To: Problems with Firefly on Diskstation 207+ – for Soundbridge


@ul206585 wrote:

5 Firefly on Synology DS-207+ (using tar too, very similar to 4)

In rjcris posting in 5, there are a few typos, might be helpful to point out!

– in step 13, I did not have to remove the mt-daapd files, these we untarred into the correct location

– in step 17, the script is called firefly, not S99… so the copy command is
cp /opt/local/mt-daapd/mt-daapd/etc/firefly /usr/syno/etc/rc.d/
.. and purists might also call the final file (without r …)

BIG big thanks for compiling this overview, plus the additional hints – I found this extremely useful!

Update for all new users to the 207+:
I am running on firmware 0637, and all the files in posting #5 (rjcris) worked perfect for me.

Still, I had to watch the typos as discussed – and found something different:
– in step 17, you will notice the ‘dual occurence’ of the …/mt-daapd/mt-daapd/… directory.
I was using the original *.gz files from jcrisis’ posting, and for me the firefly script was lying in /opt/local/mt-daapd/etc/,
and was named in the original way filename of

Apart from that, everything went fine, with no alterations needed from my end.

Happy fireflying!