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@DOLLAR wrote:

If I open my xml file all the paths are to the locations on my laptop, once I move this file to the SMB share and point iTunes to it will it then just update the track paths.

iTunes will always use the library file located on the local hard drive. Firefly will use the copy on the server and should be able to resolve the paths.
The library can be anywhere you want it to be BUT you can’t move the xml & itl library files

I can’t remember how I moved the library so I didn’t loose ratings. I got iTunes to do it though.
I think it may have been something like open iTunes, change the library location & then ?????

Note: I don’t use iTunes much these days

Edit: Rebooted puter so i can access iTunes. The iTunes help file contains info on how to move the library.
Edit 2: On closer inspection, the help file was useless. Try this