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Do I need a copy of the iTunes Music Library.xml file on the server?

Yes, place a copy of it in the directory that you have specified as the music folder in Firefly’s config page.
While you’re in Firefly’s config page, go to advanced settings & check that “process playlists” & “process iTunes files” are both set to yes.

To create playlists & rate music you have to access the library directly. You can do this by sharing the library via SMB or equivalent & setting iTunes to use the SMB share as its library location.
Note: iTunes will continue to place the iTunes library file on your laptop’s internal hard drive 👿 forcing you to copy it across to the server when ever you change it.

There are probably better ways of doing it but it works for me on the NSLU2
My other Firefly server has flac files so I use media monkey for playlists