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Reply To: Problem setting up firefly on NSLU2



I had a lot of trouble at this point, and ended up changing the folder structure on the drive attached to the NSLU2. I had just copied the iTunes folder structure over, complete with sub folders for each artist, which was a mistake. I found I had to have all the mp3 files in a single folder (at least, that was the way I got it working).

Anyway, the default path you show is for a drive plugged into usb port 2. If you have it plugged into port 1, as I have, you need to change the “hdd” in the path to “flash” in the Firefly configuration file.

The “share/hdd/data/public/” portion of the path won’t be seen in Windows. Are you seeing just the folder “My Music”? I’m not sure if the OS on the NSLU2 can work with spaces in the folder names (it could be that it does … I just don’t know). I was seeing the share name (creatively named the “NSLU2”) and the folder … //NSLU2/iTunes … in my set up.

To fix my set up errors, I went into the NSLU2 config program ( and created a share named “music”. When I mapped this folder as a drive, Windows saw it as //NSLU2/music.

I deleted all the files in the iTunes folder on the NSLU2 to save space, and then deleted that share, leaving only my “music” share. I copied over all the files in different folders on my Windows machine to the NSLU2 “music” folder (“Agent Ransack”, a freeware search program, made this easy without having to go into each folder in Windows and copy it over).

The final step was to configure the Firefly config file on the NSLU2 to reflect my new path. What appeared as “//NSLU2/music” on my Windows computer was really “share/flash/data/public/music”.

I couldn’t access the config file by using “” for some reason. I had to edit the config file using Telnet (the instructions for that are at near the bottom … I have to admit I installed the PICO editor after failing to be able to do it using the VI editor included with the unslung distro). Once I edited the line correctly, I was able to also open the config file in my browser.

I think this is correct … I’m working remotely right now, so I may have some of the steps wrong. I’ll check when I get home tonight to make sure.