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Reply To: cant import songs to Itunes shared firefly folder…



OK, Im must be a genious after all but I think I found a bug in firefly that somone may want to fix.

The first problem that i discovered was that the web configuration in firefly refused to show in my internet explorer 7.0 so I opened it in “safari” where it was visible somehow(!!!???)

the second problem which I think was the real problem was that the folder was:
C:Documents and SettingsAdministratörMina dokumentMin musikiTunes
I dont know if tou can see but Administrator is spelled in Swedish with the letter “ö” which is an o with 2 dots over. the letter was replaced with a “?” questionmark in the web configuration. So I moved the Itunes library to a folder on a different harddrive where the stupid swedish letters werent needed

is this a known problem or are we swedes supposed to live with this, and I wonder why this havent been discovered before. is this a problem for the latest version of firefly maybe?

Anyway Im really glad it works now and thanx for the help!