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Reply To: cant import songs to Itunes shared firefly folder…



Ok, I think were getting somwhere now. Thanx for explaining so a newbie understands.
the heading “Why can’t I see my iTunes playlists?” in the link page tou sent me seems to be my problem.
Though, another problem pops-up. When you’re talking bout “firefly’s config page” I suppose you’re clicking “web adminsitration interface” in Firefly, then click “configuration” in the web page that pops up. then nothing happens, its just an empty page that says “configuration” on top. there are no settings to do on this page

“no one told me that i needed to be a computer genious to own a soundbridge”

“You don’t need to be BUT you’ve chosen to use Firefly as the server.
Firefly is a great server to use but it’s also a work in progress that is more at home running under linux than Windows”

Is there any other “servers” i could use with soundbridge?