Reply To: cant import songs to Itunes shared firefly folder…


@anvegard wrote:

Im trying to figure out how averything really works, this is my idea is it right?:
1 Firefly scans the Itunes Library for media

Sort of. Firefly scans the directory you point it at for any file types you listed in the configuration page.
The iTunes Library File is only used for playlists.

@anvegard wrote:

2 Firefly shares the media it found with Itunes

It shares the media with anything that understands the daap or rsp protocols

@anvegard wrote:

3 Itunes shows the shared library (in my case called “Marcus”)

As long as it’s been set-up to use remote libraries

@anvegard wrote:

…and what the heck do I need “bonjour ” for?

Bonjour allows the SoundBridge/iTunes to find Firefly. In the Windows world UPnP does a similar job

@anvegard wrote:

If this is the case, then the whole problem is that Firefly cant find any media with Itunes. Why not? I have specified the same folder in Itunes as in firefly

Lots of things could be wrong. My first guess would be that Firefly does not have permission to access the files.
Also, open Firefly’s config page and set the debug level to 5, save & restart Firefly.
The log file will help point out what is wrong.

@anvegard wrote:

“no one told me that i needed to be a computer genious to own a soundbridge”

You don’t need to be BUT you’ve chosen to use Firefly as the server.
Firefly is a great server to use but it’s also a work in progress that is more at home running under linux than Windows