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You’re probably going to be doing a bunch of trial and error I’m afraid to grab all the dependencies you need. I haven’t used SUSE so I can’t guarantee that everything is in the repository and well named, but you should be able to find the packages you need using that method.

To help you out, you will need the packages requested by configure to run the program, plus the ones ending in -dev or -devel with the same name to compile it, which is what you are trying to do. So in this case you should try installing the top two and running configure again until it doesn’t complain any more. Then you’re free to “make”.

If you get stuck trying to work out what package actually corresponds to that requested, google including “suse” in your search term is a good way to go, or ask about the package on a SUSE forum or IRC channel.

These are general guidelines for installing libraries to try to escape dependency hell. I can’t guarantee that it will work. Really, you’d want to get an RPM for mt-daapd. Some might be floating around; I don’t know. Maybe when you’ve worked all this out you should become a SUSE mt-daapd maintainer. 🙂