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Reply To: Play simulaneously from iTunes and Soundbridge



Multiple SoundBridges can’t synchronise with each other. The best you can manage is to have them within about 1 second of each other but you need 3rd party software to do it. has links to some 3rd party software. Cidero claims to offer basic synchronisation.

The SoundBridge has three audio outputs (Digital optical, digital coax & analogue)
All three work all the time & are independent. In another thread at least one person has used the multiple outputs to achieve the desired goal of a cheap multizone system.

Your other alternative is to stream the music (like an internet radio station does).
I think shoutcast is the application used.

The easiest setup to try out would be to have the ground floor SB in a multi-output setup & have the 1st floor SB loosely synchronised to it using Cidero

Or just go and buy a multi zone amplifier.