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Reply To: Error opening db:No backend database support for type:sqlite



@don quixada wrote:

So I get this message in my logs when I try to start mt-daapd (svn-1586):

Error opening db: No backend database support for type: sqlite

I have sqlite 3.5.3 installed. I’m also using a 64-bit machine. I used –enable-sqlite3 and even specified the appropriate directories: –with-sqlite3-includes=/usr/include –with-sqlite3-libs=/usr/lib64

What is the problem? Has anyone encountered this before?



You probably need to set your database in your config file

# db_type/db_parms
# This specifies what kind of database you want, and where
# it should be kept. Valid db_types depend on what databases are
# compiled in, but can include "sqlite" and "sqlite3".
# db_parms is the parameters for that database backend. For sqlite and
# sqlite3, these parameters are the path to the database.

db_type = sqlite3

You can either edit the file directly or change in the web interface.

You have sqlite in your config which is sqlite2.