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Reply To: scan failed message in mt-daapd.log on ogg files



@vladar wrote:


I use debian etch mt-daapd package.

During the scan I got this kind of messages:

2008-03-15 12:40:59 (b7592a60): Error opening Vorbis stream in “/media/data/Musique/P/PINK FLOYD/pulse_disc_1/astronomy_domine.ogg”
2008-03-15 12:40:59 (b7592a60): Skipping /media/data/Musique/P/PINK FLOYD/pulse_disc_1/astronomy_domine.ogg – scan failed

Other ogg files are scaned and streamed just fine.

I googled around but didn’t find the solution 🙁

Have you checked file permissions ?

Does the user running mt-daapd have access to the folder and files ?