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@magnate wrote:

Hi all – I’m using svn1696 – the latest available in Debian. What happened is this: I had a hard disk crash, so I had to back up all my tunes (the dead disk was half of a RAID1 mirror, so I could back up from the remaining disk), get a new drive and then reinstall Linux onto the new RAID set, and then restore my tunes from backup. The only thing I changed was the path where they are stored: they used to be in /mnt/storage/MP3s, but they’re now in /archive/Music. I reinstalled mt-daapd and it started fine – I edited /etc/mt-daapd.conf to point to the new music directory, logged into the web interface and forced a rescan. It found 0 songs because the permissions in /archive/Music were all wrong, so I fixed them (644 for all). But even after fixing that (and restarting mt-daapd just in case) it still doesn’t find the tunes.

Any idea what I’ve done wrong? It’s the same version of mt-daapd, the same config, and the same tunes. The only thing different is the path. Very odd.

Wow, this is one of my stupidest ever, I think. I forgot that you need +x permission to cd into a directory. So the permissions should be 755 not 644. Doh. 11800 songs found.