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Reply To: ogg vorbis transcoding problem : frequent reloading



Thanks for your reply.

I have continued my investigation on this issue in Roku and Firefly forums (I should have talked about “rebuffering” instead of “reloading” problems…) and I think you’re right. The cause is not related to insufficient CPU power but to network problems or limitations. The fact that I’m relying on a completely wireless system (i.e. the laptop is wirelessly linked to the router, wich is wirelessly linked to the Soundbridge) probably explains why I’m experiencing the rebuffering problem. I suppose that on a completely (or even partially) cabled network system, this problem would not occur or, at least, not so often…

Now, from what I understand, I guess that untill Roku decides/is able to provide native ogg support on the Soundbridge (that’s what I hope, with many others – see Roku forums), I could consider one of these solutions:

– Trying to improve my network connection, one way or the other (relying on cable instead of wifi; putting the Soundbridge closer to the router; etc.) ;

– Trying to make Firefly to transcode to mp3 instead of wav, which appears theorically possible, but practically difficult (there is some threads in Firefly forums on this…);

Now, does someone knows if the implementation of a “transcoding to mp3” feature is seriously considered for future Firefly developments? Also, any clue on other things I can try to solve my rebuffering problem would be appreciated.