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@dagoo wrote:

Also– do I need to have my iTunes music folder pointed to the /media/music folder on the ReadyNAS— or should I leave the default iTunes music folder path, and just copy the entire file structure over to the ReadyNAS, so that the paths are the same?

I’m starting to suspect that the path names have something to do with the files missing from the playlists…. some have the
/user/music/itunes/itunes music/ path associated, and some have the /media/music path.

The files exist in both places, but it looks like the files with the local path name are showing up, even though firefly is finding them and streaming them from the /media/music location.

I’m confused, so apologies if my description is equally confused. Can anyone clear up how I should be managing the iTunes/firefly/ReadyNAS combination?

Thanks, –N

You’ll have to vie more info, like what a path is to a song that’s missing. Where the actual iTunes.xml file is, what directory the server is scanning, and what path is in the actual itunes xml file.

It tries pretty hard to find files even with paths that are relative to the local file system, rather than the remote file system, but it doesn’t always succeed.