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I know this doesn’t help your problem, but I am having a similar problem. I was running the Windows version (1586) on an XP SP2 machine with no problems. I removed it from there and put it on to a Windows Home Server machine and it was running fine for about three weeks and then all of a sudden the server won’t stay on. It’ll run for a couple of hours and then shut itself off. The server stays on and isn’t going into any power saving modes or anything like that. I managed to be listening to something on my laptop and right in the middle of a song the Firefly server just shut down. I have sinced removed it from the WHS machine (its just the eval version of WHS) and have tried to reinstall in on the XP SP2 machine and now I keep getting an error that says “Failed to start Firefly Media Server”. Any ideas as to what may be the problem, other than Windows?