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@Spoui wrote:


I’m running the latest FireFly build on the latest version of KUbuntu. Every works flawlessly on local but when other people are trying to access my stuff, they see the server but cannot see my song listing [cannot acces port 3689 error, check firewall] (Windows, OSX Leopard or any other UNIX system). Any ideas? I have no firewall and SELinux is disabled.

Thank You

P.S. Also, do you knwo why some songs weren’t copied, I got some songs with é and a few … for exemple: Louis-José Houde – Louis-José Houde Au Moncton High…. A Moncton

Is it being blocked by a firewall?

What ip and port is being advertised? You can use the avahi gnome tools to find out. Try and connect using a web browser to that ip and port. Can you do so?