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@jrowett wrote:

apologies if this is covered elsewhere, i’ve had a good look around the forums and wiki but couldn’t find anything.

i’m about to setup FireFly on a headless Mac Mini for use with my SB M1001. the Mini isn’t used for anything else apart from playing music and downloading torrents – it just sits on the shelf. my wife and i each have our own OS X user account on the Mini, and our own iTunes library. each iTunes library is stored on an external RAID like this:


the permissions on those folders are pretty slack, so we can both go into each others’ folders etc.

i would like us to be able to access both iTunes libraries from the SoundBridge. how would you recommend i set this up with FireFly?

If you don’t *need* it as two libraries, you can just add both paths to your config file. Just add each one, separated by commas. It will serve music out of both. If you wanted to, you could even set up smart playlists for each of you:

path includes “/Music/Jon” for yours, and “/Music/Wife” for your wife. Failing that, it almost certainly means building a new version of firefly using fink. Which is doable but ugh.

– Ron