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Reply To: Firefly SVN-1586 [Mac, Leopard] and Xbmc



@lavarock09 wrote:


I am running svn-1586 on my mac, and have set it all up, and put the information into my xbmc settings, however, when I go to connect, it errors with “Could not connect to network server”, and when I look at the firefly log it says,

“could not read: Unknown error: 0”

So there is clearly a connection between the Mac and XBMC, but it still refuses to connect.

Anyone know the issue?

it has to be running on port 3689. xmbc ignores the port advertised by daap.

My guess is that you won’t be very satisfied with xbmc as a daap client, though. I’ve had much better luck smb mounting it. Just my $0.02.

— Ron