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I’ve specifically been buying the SoundBridge because i found the active community and support of firefly. And I think its great.

As for the browsing, I have two suggestions:
-) Properly tag your music
-) Smart playlists

If you have many albums of the same artist be sure that the artist is labeled exactly the same. No difference in case, or blanks or hyphens etc. The same goes for the album names. I’ve found mp3tag to be a nice program to manage tags. At least on windows.

Secondy, be sure to use ratings on your music. It sure is a cumbersome task to apply initial ratings to a huge database, but it defintely is worth it.

If you’ve done all above you can truly enjoy smart playlists. For instance all songs with a good rating from the 60ies and 70ies. Or your favorite Jazz. Or christian christmas rap, for that matter 😀