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Reply To: iTunes shared only shows 128 mp3’s of 4500 mp3’s



Heya folks, I’ve had a prompt reply by Lacie’s support staff. Bottom line is that they are aware that there are some problems with, particularly with the media database not updating when new music is added. Rolling back to 1.0.10 is currently the only workaround.

The helpful support fellow described the process:

This process will not delete any of your data, but it may delete the user and share names. Please make a note of these so that you can recreate them. Once recreated, the original data will be intact.

1. Connect to the Ethernet Disk
2. Go to the Configuration page
3. In the Software section, go to the Update page by clicking the blue button
4. On the Update page, click on the blue button titled “Update Logs”
5. From this last page, click on the link named “Remove all the updates”
6. Restart the machine and check your shares, recreating them if necessary.

If anyone needs more details please let me know (I’ve rolled back successfully and my music updates correctly).

The support staff is also going to try and chase down the Firefly password for us.

I’ll keep you posted.