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Reply To: "Authentication Required" message from iTunes


@Creator1326 wrote:

Ubuntu 7.1 and mt-daapd 2.4.1.something.
It’s only been installed since 2/9/2008 so it is a pretty recent build.

I have followed several guides and none of them ever game mention to the iTunes (v7.6) message I am receiving now:

To access this site, you need to log in to area “webserver” on (IP address here)

This is fixed in r1674. If this is an issue, you’ll have to upgrade to 1696 available on the nightlies page.

It also can’t seem to tag m4v files as videos and iTunes won’t display them as video in the lisiting and the only way to view them is to start watching, then click on the “album cover art” area and the video then pops up.

Not all the video metadata is all there.

Any chance on getting it to serve out PDF files? I am trying to mirror a lot of the iTunes U content locally so my WAN doesn’t get hosed and that content includes PDF “learning guides” for teachers.

Can iTunes share the pdf files it has in the db?