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@huckele wrote:

I am going into details now, Ron

Do you know about the format of FLAC replaygain-specifications which are supported by firefly SVN-1696 installed on a Synology-NAS?

There really isn’t anything supported or not supported by firefly. When you decode it with the flac binary it streams out wav data. That wav data is fed from firefly back to the client. So firefly doens’t do anything with it. Whatever the transcoder emits, firefly passes untouched. So whatever you want to do with the audio — pipe it through sox and do bandpass filtering, add a flange effect, boost output based on replaygain settings…. whatever. That’s up to the transcoding script. Firefly is completely agnostic about it.

But you’re beyond me right now. I really don’t know anything about replaygain or how it works, or how to transcode it. 🙁