Reply To: Crossfire (webbased/iPhone/iPodtouch) streaming client



I also get the ¨can´t play that format¨ error every now and than.
I´ve checked and mostly itś mp3´s generating.
For a moment the colored ´playing pop-up´ appears on screen but then itś grayed out.
In the safari debugging console it says: ´Movie could not be played´.
99.23% of my music library is MP3 but I get this error I guess in about 5% of the playing attempts.
I´ll do some logging on the server side later this week and post it.

Other issue: The blanc screen on starting up CrossFire on Iphone:
When this happens the debug cons. reads:

…0.5.0/js/jPint.js Can´t find variable:$A line 30