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Reply To: Crossfire (webbased/iPhone/iPodtouch) streaming client



I’m running Firefly on a Powerbook – OS 10.4.11. Firefly version is svn-1586. iPod is Version 1.1.4. As for Apache/PHP, I stumbled upon MAMP ( which seemed the easiest way for me to get things started. It’s running Apache 2.0.59 and PHP 4.4.7 & 5.2.5. I’ve tried switching between 4.4.7 & 5.2.5, but the problem occurs in both versions.

When streaming to the iPod I get this continuous message in the console:

Session 0: Streaming file ’08 Birds.mp3′ to (offset 0)
Write error: Broken pipe

This message appears in the PHP log:

PHP Warning: fseek() [function.fseek]: stream does not support seeking in /Users/myusename/Documents/Webserver/crossfire/binairyproxy.php on line 137

When I listen to a stream on the Powerbook the Broken pipe error occurs, but only happens once, not continually as on the iPod. The “stream does not support seeking” PHP error does not occur at all when streaming on the Powerbook.

I hope some of this helps.