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Hi there,

well.. help is definitely needed, since the scope and potential of the project is growing quicker than expected. 😀
You can join the project on
If you create an account and send me an PM, I will add you to the developers/admin list 😉
Currently I am working on version 0.5 which includes a PHP_DMAP parser and supports output to XML or JSON. Also I want to include iTunes support, but this still seems like a daunting task (even though I am able to parse the content-codes).

Other thing that still needs doing (but i cant find the time for). Is IE support.
Well.. seems simple, but since IE dropped support of inserting Javascript links through .innerHTML i seem having some issues (…
The whole idea, of the templating structure i am implementing is to support multiple phones/browsers… Using some user-agent configuration, the application should choose the right template based on the clients user-agent..

Let me know if you want to join up, or have other ideas we can work on.