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Reply To: daap server crashing



Bahh… it crashed again. I can now only keep it running for < 1 hour at a time. I've increased the verbosity of the log to 9 and see the following at time of crash:

2008-02-18 14:29:46 (b64e7b90): Write error: Broken pipe
2008-02-18 14:29:46 (b64e7b90): Finished streaming file to remote: 770048 bytes
2008-02-18 14:29:46 (b64e7b90): Entering config_set_status
2008-02-18 14:29:46 (b64e7b90): Exiting config_set_status
2008-02-18 14:29:46 (b64e7b90): Thread 11: Terminating
2008-02-18 14:29:46 (b64e7b90): Thread 11: Freeing request headers
2008-02-18 14:29:46 (b64e7b90): Thread 11: Freeing response headers
2008-02-18 14:29:46 (b64e7b90): Thread 11: Freeing request vars
2008-02-18 14:29:46 (b64e7b90): Thread 11: Closing fd
2008-02-18 14:29:46 (b64e7b90): With thread 11 exiting, 0 are still running

What I did the moment before mt-daapd crashed was tho quit iTunes––I did not eject the server first.

Following this, the only way to restart it is to first issue: killall mt-daapd. There seems to be some processes continuing to run even though nothing is being advertised.

Note that the above conditions for the server to crash are not 100% repeatable…

Any help?