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@Juggler wrote:

I am having a problem where ~10 minutes after re-starting mt-daapd, it ceases to advertise its Bonjour services. I can still access the webserver and doing a ps -ef I see that avahi-daemon is still running as well.

From the log, the only relevant line that I could see was the following:

2008-02-11 06:46:32: Rendezvous socket closed (daap server crashed?) Aborting.

I am running this on Ubuntu Server v7.10 and have the following:
– avahi-daemon: 0.6.20-2ubuntu3.2
– mt-daapd: 0.2.4-1

The only other “media” application I am running is SlimServer. Any help would be appreciated![/list]

Do you see mt-daapd when you look at the process list? If so, then the likely cause is your server is dropping or blocking inbound multicast. You’ll need to allow to and from on 5353 udp (at a minimum… to unblock all multicast, you need to unblock

If you *don’t* see the mt-daapd process, then it’s crashing. Probably when scanning a file with bad header data. You can try specifying a log file in the config, and setting debuglevel to 5. Then start the server and watch what the last file scanned was. Move that file out of the way and scan again. Rinse & repeat as necessary.

– Ron