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I’m having this problem too. It didn’t manage to play the .mp4 files at all until I did the sqlite3 hack linked to from the page linked to above; now, like the original poster, it does at least (but only) play the audio.

The videos themselves probably weren’t encoded with fast start, as at the time I did so I didn’t think I wanted it. 🙂 I guess I’ll have to start ripping my DVDs again…

BUT – it might be worth saying that these same videos can be shared just fine over iTunes from one Mac to another. They show with the little monitor icon in the library, and they play – albeit after a bit of a delay (presumably because they’re not fast start). So what’s iTunes doing, when sharing, that mt-daapd isn’t, and is it possible to persuade mt-daapd to do it? 🙂

This is not only about .mp4 files; it also applies to actual originally-encoded-as .m4v files – either as output from EyeTV or bought from the iTunes store. Only the audio plays when served out over mt-daapd.

Version numbers:

mt-daapd is from Ubuntu Gutsy: 0.9~r1586-1. The server reports itself as svn-1586.

Server is Ubuntu Gutsy Server, everything up to date.

Clients are both intel Macs; Leopard 10.5.2, iTunes 7.6 (29)