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@carlo1 wrote:

i use a wlan router which is connected mit lan to pc and also in my pc there is one wlan pci card.
my soundbridge find the wlan network from the router. i called it wlannetwork.

after connecting it will find the firefly library name “mp3” but i cant connect. error: found incompatibel server.

the pc is also connected with wlan with the router. that works fine.

i look into the soundbridge wlan status and see the following IP: Netmask: DNS nothing. i cant change this!

my IP for the Router is
for PC wlancard
what is wrong?

hope someone can help me.

Your soundbridge is either not connected to the wireless, or it isn’t getting a dhcp address. You’ll need to fix your connection to the wireless network, and until it shows an address of 192.168.0.X, then it won’t work.

— Ron