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@Jasimog wrote:

Hi, apologies for the newbie post, but I have researched the resources and have yet to solve this problem:

I have recently installed Firefly on a homebuild Windows Home Server, and after following the guidance to install Bonjour etc it appears to be working (I’m using v1586 together with the WHS Add-in).

It is definitely working correctly when iTunes is opened on our iMac – the shared folder appears straight away. (The iMac connects wirelessly to my DG834GT modem/router whilst the WHS is wired to it.)

However, I can’t get the same to work on either of my PCs, a laptop running XP Home which connects wirelessly, and a Vista Home Prem desktop which is wired.

I’ve tried obvious Windows-specific things like disabling the Windows firewall, but nothing has worked yet on either machine. To clarify, the only software on the PCs is iTunes (I believe Bonjour is bundled with it).

I’d be grateful for any assistance to get this working!



Hrm. I don’t really have an answer for this, except that it seems that your multicast isn’t working from the windows machines for some reason. That’s kind of inexplicable, since the mac does work, though.

Not sure.. is the windows default in iTunes to enable searching for shared music? that might be worth checking in the iTunes prefs.

Double-checking to make sure the WHS and your pcs have the same subnet mask would be a good check, too.

Are you using the built-in windows firewall, or a third party one? If a third party, is there a specific option to allow multicast?