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Reply To: Soundbridge, Firefly Issues



I am new to this forum and indeed the world of tech forums generally but find myself here as a result of buying a Soundbridge. I am not a techie but from the Roku forums and also here on Firefly it seems that the router can be a problem in getting the Soundbridge to see and play a Firefly library from iTunes – which is what I want to do. I have followed this thread and have been able to reach (but not log onto since no password) the http://serverIPaddress:999 address which shows me a access denied svn 1586 page – both from my PC and a laptop. It appears that this means that the Firefly server has been set up OK.

I also have a Livebox (Inventel) router supplied by Orange in the UK. As I dont know much about networks, can someone please confirm if I have understood correctly:

– My Livebox router/ADSL modem may not have the multicast configuration option which would allow me to adjust it to allow Firefly/Bonjour to function as they need to on my wireless network. The online router configuration for the Livebox certainly makes no reference to the settings suggested by the Roku guys.

– If this is the case, I can replace the Livebox with a more suitable router/modem, OR I could continue to use the Livebox but simply as a modem (keeping access to the useful second phone line as Dondempsey observes), and connect another wireless router to the ethernet connection on the Livebox, effectively running two parallel wireless networks but only using one (the one which will work with Firefly)

Am I right? or have I completely missed the point here? Any pointers much welcomed, thanks.