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Hi ,
I have posted the following in the Roku forum and in desperation am repeating the posting here. Sorry to be a pain but I really do like Firefly!

“I have had my Pinnacle Soundbridge M1001 for some time now and after playing with a number of media servers I finally determined that Firefly was for me. I use an ancient Tosh notebook running windows 2000 Pro as a music server. There is nothing else on this machine except Firefly V1.0 and some maintenance utilities (Diskeeper, Reg Mechanic). The router I used was a Netgear 824 plugged into a seperate ADSL Modem – and it worked beautifully
And now the pain starts! – I switched ISP to Orange due to dissatifaction with Pipex and the fact that Orange do a better deal on the phone connection/2nd line. Since switching to the Livebox I have been completely unable to access my media via Firefly.
I am using the latest Roku firmware 3.0.51. The latest firmware for the LIvebox (updated today) and Firefly 1629.
The Soundbridge can play Internet Radio including all the BBC feeds (no Problem). But it cannot see the Music Server.
If I use Tversity, Twonkyvision OR Windows Media Player it all works.
The snag is that these mnedia servers compared to Firefly are not in the same league for speed or the Roku interface.
If I reintroduce the Netgear Router again it all works BUT I lose the phone facility and am not really happy doing this.
I have spoken to Orange support (a most unproductive and frustrating experience) – I have looked at the Firefly Forums and apart from some talk about Multicast (which I don’t really understand) there seems to a be a lot of fud around this issue with no one able to offer any real solutions. I have also tried everything with my main XP based system (as opposed to the 2000Pro) and that is no different.

Can someone please help – I have just paid out more money for the latest version of Twonkyvision and I still don’t like it!

Sorry about the length of the posting but I am getting fairly fraught.”