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@rpedde wrote:

If you see it but can’t connect from the roku, the best test is to see if you can connect to he web page with a browser. If you have a second pc (or laptop), try going to http://server.ip.address:9999 and see if you get a web page served up. It will probably ask for a password, and if so, then it’s a good indication that the daap server is running.

Ok so when you say server IP, I am presuming you mean the ip of my main desktop comp that I have firefly running on? If so then I tried entering that and no luck. It times out when trying to access from my laptop.

When I enter it on the desktop I get the prompt for the password as you mentioned.

On my laptop I also entered the IP address for the Roku and it successfully connects to the roku.

Does that help diagnose?

Something I had forgot to add. It does see my firefly media server until i open Itunes. Then it see both my Itunes library and my firefly media! weird?? Not sure if that just confuses things 🙂

@rpedde wrote:

If you aren’t using svn-1586, then grab that from

I’ve downloaded that so I have latest version.