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@gooders wrote:

I’ve come over from the Roku forum where I wasn’t getting answers and got recommended to come here and see if ‘Ron’ could help me???

I have soundbridge M1001, and using Itunes 7 through Firefly.
Everything used to work fine with my own router, but it was overheating so i needed a new one – I got a 2Wire Gateway(2701HG-B Gateway ), which comes from ATT my broadband provider.

I’ve turned off all firewall and anti virus for the purpose of eliminating possible issues.

I can successfully connect to the Internet and listen to Internet radio through my soundbridge. Both wireless and wired.

I can see my firefly library, but it won’t let me connect to it. There is no password etc.

My router does not seem to support UPNP. I also checked regarding the following settings but none of these are supported. This is a brand new router and also must be popular because it is resold through AT&T

UPNP – enable
-Multicast or IGMP – enable
-Filter Multicast – disable
-WMM – disable
-AP Isolation – disable

I have tried every combination of wired and wireless. No luck.

So I am stuck with a soundbridge that is a paperweight. Can anyone here help or suggest anything to get me moving back to where I was before I changed routers!

Okay. So you run firefly on a machine that’s wired, and hook the roku up wired and it still doesn’t see it?

Then it has to be the router blocking multicast. Particularly if it worked before swapping out the router.

You said your wireless device didn’t have support for upnp, but you showed it in the list anyway. Did you actually see options for multicast or mutlicast filtering in the router?

If so, you might try reversing the settings of those one at a time (4 combinations) and trying after each setting change.

Do you have a mac, or a pc?