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Reply To: filenames with question marks are not scanned, patch to fix!



Ok, more light on the subject..

In io.c:io_open()
io_open is pass the location: file:///MP3s/The+Smiths/Hatful+Of+Hollow/The+Smiths+-+How+Soon+Is+Now%3f.mp3

1) Split the location into protocol and path

2) URL decode the path
path_part=/MP3s/The Smiths/Hatful Of Hollow/The Smiths – How Soon Is Now?.mp3

3) Split the path at ? for options
path_part=MP3s/The Smiths/Hatful Of Hollow/The Smiths – How Soon Is Now

I don’t believe this to be correct

Take this URL for example


The %3f is not decoded THEN interpreted as a option seperated. The ? must be searched for prior to URL decoding
Url decoding can then be carried out AFTER the ? has been located..

I think:
needs to happen AFTER the option_part have been defined and on option_part and path_part independently

This way an encoded ? as %3f will not be incorrectly parsed as an option.

I’ll write a patch after I’ve tested this theory out!