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Reply To: firefly doesn’t use correct ID3 tag



@oneman wrote:

I have a set of songs that when used locally with iTunes shows the correct genre and artist. When the mp3 files are copied to the firefly server, they show up in either iTunes or the Roku player with genre ‘unknown’ and the artist name is truncated to 31 characters. Even stranger is that of the 9 songs of this cd, song 1 shows up correctly, the rest is wrong.

I tried correcting the ID3 tags with iTunes and Media Rage, to no avail. I tried flushing Firefly’s database by pointing it at an empty directory and doing a scan, poining at the music files and rescanning. No dice.

What can I do to force Firefly to show the correct artist and genre just like iTunes?



It’s one of a couple things. Either the id3v2 tags aren’t in the actual music (because they are in the iTunes database, but not written to the file), or firefly is parsing them wrong.

Either way, the fix is probably the same.

Go into iTunes and tell it to convert the id3v2 tags to “None”. Then change the id3v2 version back to id3 v2.3 or something. Then retag them and see if that fixes it.

That strips the id3v2 tags and re-applies them. Sometimes, if the id3tag is really broken, iTunes won’t remove it. In that case I use the id3v2 command (id3v2 –delete-v2) and then re-apply with iTunes.