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When I run iTunes on my laptop my Rokus lose access to Firefly. I have to restart the router every time. It doesn’t happen immediately but after a while. Firefly 1586 is served from another PC. iTunes sharing is turned off.

What does it do? Does it do the “library unavailable” thing? Does it stop playing if it was in the middle of playing?

And the server itself is a windows PC, right? Do you have any firewalls on it besides the built-in xp firewall?

if so, it might need to be set up to allow inbound multicast.

Hi. It does the “library unavailable” thing. I have not noticed it stop mid song. It is XP and I am using Kerio Sunbelt instead of the built in firewall.

I will check the multicast thing.


[edit] I found a multicast option on the server firewall and enabled it. Unfortunately same thing happens. As soon as I open iTunes the Roku is prevented from finding the server. Interestingly iTunes on another PC behaves itself.